Does Alex Salmond know how things work?

This must surely be the daftest thing anyone in high office, running a country, has ever said:

From the Scotsman, “But First Minister Alex Salmond questioned why so much money had been spent so far on the (tram) scheme without a single track being laid“.

First of all some facts:

As at June 2007, £79m has been spent to date on the trams.

This is the figure that seems to so astonish Mr Salmond.

BUT does he expect the tramlines to be built BEFORE any surveying work was carried out, BEFORE a business case had been prepared, BEFORE the route had been devised, BEFORE any environmental impact assessment had been done and BEFORE parliamentary approval had been given?

As an example, it cost £17m putting the two tram bills through parliament (all these figures, by the way, are from Audit Scotland).

Alex Salmond therefore must fall into one of the following categories:

1. He genuinely does not know how much transport projects cost.

2. He genuinely believes that you build a tram first, and then think about the costs/routes etc afterwards.

3. He is just being populist and jumping on an anti tram bandwagen.

Surely it can’t be either 1. or 2. can it? The man now runs the country!

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