Trolley buses in Nottingham

Found this on a BBC bulletin board about trams in Nottingham. Many of the arguments put against trams there were very similar to here in Edinburgh (we don’t want them, wrong route etc…).

This was about trolley buses vs trams:

Trams and trolley buses
In response to DW Hardwick, there are lots of reasons why trams were chosen over trolley buses. I say this as a bit of a trolley bus fan myself, but there is no denying that trams are better. Modern trams can: * Carry more people; * Are more attractive to car drivers; * Are more energy efficient; * Generally run off the road where they won’t get caught up in traffic; * Offer a much smoother ride (compare walking along any type of moving bus to walking along a moving tram); * Provide level access for wheelchairs, kids’ buggies etc; * Are roomer (wider); * Only need half the number of overhead wires (as the rails provide one side of the electrical circuit)…. I would disagree about trams breaking down – they very rarely do so. Also trolley buses only offer limited manoeuvrability when on the wires, especially where you have more than one lane of traffic in each direction on a busy road. You don’t want to be going on and off the wires the whole time a! s it is time consuming. Once trolley buses are off the wires and start to use their onboard generators, they are of course as unattractive and inefficient as ordinary diesel or hydrogen cell buses. NET looked at trolley buses and rejected them but I hope they will one day again look at areas that they may be suited to, i.e. areas that are too hilly or built up for trams e.g. Mapperley.

AW, Nottm

(If you want to read more of that discussion yourself, go to the BBC).

This is the unofficial website for the Nottingham tram. And this is the official one.

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