SNP claim costs “out of control”. Proved wrong.

Stewart Stevenson said on 30th May: The costs of the trams project are “running out of control”.

Tavish Scott replied: “I do hope the government can absolutely demonstrate what advice Mr Stevenson got to make that remark in public.”

They couldn’t. They just had Kenny MacAskill’s word for it.

Audit Scotland report, 20th June: “The current anticipated final cost of Phase 1 in its entirety is £593.8 million and estimated project costs have been subjected to robust testing.” The project benefits from “clearly defined project management and organisation”, “sound financial management and reporting” and has “procedures in place to actively manage risks associated with the project”.

On what basis did Stewart Stevenson make that statement on 30 May? He is now the Finance Minister. Government Ministers cannot go around making wild accusations like that. The SNP is no longer in opposition.

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