Another rant on the Evening News website!

Someone called Hmm… posted this on the Evening News site about this site:

“… In Edinburgh could be called a propagandist – or did I just not find the part that details the disadvantages of trams? Without that, the website cannot in truth be “the truth”!”

He/she seems to have missed the point entirely! Sure there are disadvantages to trams (you can’t change the route, for example), but everywhere we read the most ridiculous myths about them, and this site answers them as best it can. That comment also demonstrates what we see so often in tram opponents – dismissing everything that does not concur with what they already believe.

And maybe Mr Hmm… could list some of the advantages of trams?

There do exist reasoned arguments against trams and at the end of the day it is a political/strategic decision to decide whether those disadvantages outweigh the many benefits, but so often, all we get from tram opponents such as Hmm… is hysteria and ill-informed nonsense (one notable site said that people pushing for trams would be responsible for every death on the A9).

Please feel free to email in any REASONED arguments against the trams: welovetrams @ (you will need to cut and paste).

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