Why trams?

There are countless arguments in favour of the trams. They can all be found elsewhere.

But there is one main one.

Trams are simply faster, carry more people and are more comfortable than buses.

Put simply, they will get many of us to work faster. Much faster.

Millions, billions even, are spent on motorways with the sole justification of “decreasing journey times”. This means shaving seconds off a car journey between A and B. This, apparently, makes sense economically.

Are we not worth it too?


Also, trams are sexy.

One Response to “Why trams?

  1. DMe Says:

    Anyone who has not lived in a tram served city does not know what they are talking about. I would add my vote to any tram system coming to a city without one, good luck Edinburgh in fighting those who lack vision, in fact there should be more of a campaign to expand the tram network even further – like Manchester.

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