Trams in narrow streets

One letter in the Evening News recently said that “Europe’s narrowest streets are as narrow as Edinburgh’s widest” which was why they have trams but we shouldnt.

Why people say such things is beyond me.

Leith Walk: narrow?

Princes Street: narrow?

Amsterdam: famous for its wide boulevards? I don’t think so! It is famous for canals, bikes, and trams (and a few other things besides…)

In fact, Edinburgh is made up of a mixture of wide and narrow streets, just like every other city in Europe.

Amsterdam has streets as narrow as Rose Street with trams running down them. Lyons has trams sharing roads as narrow as the Cowgate with cars and pedestrians.

There are not that many “narrow” roads on the tram routes, but where there are, such as Constitution Street, proper traffic management means it is not a problem (and if it works in other cities…).

Here some pics of trams on narrow streets abroad. Will look for some better ones.


Antwerp (admittedly, this is not a modern tram system, but there seems to be a combination of tram, motor traffic in both directions AND parked cars).





Below is a tram in Marseilles. Again, this is an older tramway, but this beautifully shows that for the few parts of the route proposed in Edinburgh that will share the road (for example, Starbank Road), trams an cars, moving or otherwise, can happily share space, especially when traffic lights control the flow.