I’ve seen trams in Oslo etc and/or I remember the old trams – they were pants.

We must NOT confuse old tram networks such as Oslo’s or Amsterdam’s (fab as they are), or even Edinburgh’s original ones, with what is proposed today.

In Edinburgh, we had this:


What is proposed will look more like this:


To compare a newly-installed tram system with long established ones is like comparing the Eurostar with a steam train. It is nonsense.

If you want some more nostalgic pictures of Edinburgh’s old trams (and Edinburgh in general), go to edinphoto.org

Below is a picture of a tram in Oslo. Although the tram looks new, it runs on tracks laid down at the end of the 19th Century (notice the bends). It is such bends that add to journey time, noise etc. Trams today would never be laid with such curvetures except in exceptional circumstances. Modern-day trams follow completely different design layouts to old ones.