Works commence….

The current hot topic is that work has started, and so has the moaning about the roadworks (even though these road works will have to happen anyway).

So anyone bothered by the roadworks should read this about construction chaos.



The SNP give in to the inevitable and let trams go ahead.

This is a good result for common sense and democracy, and ends months of uncertainty over Edinburgh’s transport future.

Well done everyone who has campaigned so hard over the past six weeks – politicians, campaign groups and individuals.

Maybe this site is redundant now, but somehow I think the anti-tram protesters will carry on, so this site will stay where it is. Keep reading!

A tram on the streets of Nottingham

A tram on the streets of Nottingham. It doesn’t look like the end of the world as we know it, does it?

This website is independent of the council and TIE. Those who write it do so in their own spare time and are not paid by anybody and have no financial interests in the trams. Other websites and domain names may link to this (as this one does to others) but this site is written freely and motivated only by the desire to see trams brought back to the streets.

And the desire to be able to get to work in less than half the time it takes me currently. And without my tram being stuck in traffic, waiting ten minutes at a bus stop behind three number 22 buses, two number 7s and a part route to Elm Row just to drop off one person, and then spend ages at the roundabout at Elm Row, then even longer at Picardy Place, before finding a taxi and an idling Ford Fiesta hogging the bus lane on York Place. And by then I am not even half way to work and there is still Princes Street to go.